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Digital display: real-time display of water time and temperature, making bathing more assured.
Whole body spraying: The appearance of the coating is fashionable, ensuring corrosion resistance and durability.
High-pressure technology: high-pressure technology can provide continuous and powerful showers even under low water pressure
Fashionable and elegant and modern design: If you like stylish, elegant and modern design in the bathroom and realize the importance of high-quality products, then this is the product for you.
Function: has 4 functions, overhead shower, hand shower, hand spray gun, and faucet discharges water.
No sudden temperature changes: The spool of the pressure balance valve monitors the water pressure balance to help protect you from sudden changes in hot or cold water pressure.
Recommendations for the use of thermostatic showers
1. The digital display shower uses hydroelectric power. If water flows through, the temperature will be displayed. If there is no water, it will not be displayed. It does not require batteries, pre-embedded and external power supplies.
2. The water outlet on the wall must be hot on the left and cold on the right, (facing the water outlet, hot on the left and cold on the right), if it is a reverse water road with cold left and hot right, please take a note or contact online customer service.
3. The pressure difference between cold and hot water needs to be less than 30% (reduce the cold water inlet pressure to achieve a balance between cold and hot water. Or use a booster pump to increase the pressure of hot water supply to achieve a balance of cold and hot water pressure.)
4. Water supply temperature: cold water 5-30℃; hot water 50-99℃.
5. Shorten the distance between the water heater and the faucet as much as possible, so that the hot water reaches the faucet as soon as possible.
The difference between thermostatic shower and ordinary shower
1. Hot and cold shower faucet
Before taking a bath, you need to adjust the water temperature repeatedly to achieve a comfortable water temperature for a long time.
Smart thermostatic shower faucet
2. The set temperature is reached in about 2 seconds, and the temperature difference of about ±2°C quickly stabilizes to a comfortable water temperature.
pay attention:
Solar energy, gas, quick heating, hot water supply temperature less than 50, left and right cold and right hot pipes are not recommended to use the [constant temperature version] shower, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk.

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