Customer Support Notice For COVID-19

With an overwhelming amount of information available about the impact of COVID-19, it can feel difficult to identify which information is relevant to your business and how it should shape your strategy moving forward. With a network of over 6,200 brand and retailer sites as our client base, we have unique visibility into shopping activity. To combat some of the fatigue from combing through multiple information sources, we will be regularly compiling data from across our network to help you understand how this pandemic is influencing consumers.

We will be watching for patterns and changes in shopping behavior – increases and decreases in product page views, orders placed, reviews submitted, and more. We’ll be looking at the data globally and across more than 20 product categories and comparing it to the same time period in 2019, as well as earlier months in 2020. As new, significant trends emerge, you can expect us to provide updates here. 

While some regions began reopening in early May, others held off until June, and some are waiting even longer. Even with slow roll reopenings happening globally, we’re still seeing significant online shopping activities.