Metal USB 3.0 Flash Stick Pen Drive 3.0 USB Flash Drive 32GB-128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB 2TB Memory Flash Stick

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Please note that this is a link to expand the U disk,

the capacity can be displayed according to customer requirements, but the actual capacity remains unchanged, and things can only store things with actual capacity.

This link is the expansion U disk link,
Example: 32G-2TB, the actual capacity is 32G, and it can only store 32G things. The computer shows 2TB, and the detection is also 2TB. Things over 32G can be stored, but cannot be read out. Even if it can be saved, the file is corrupted.



Supports hot plug & play, High speed USB 3.0 port
 No physical drive required
 Plug-and-play; no external power supply required, USB bus-powered
 Support all current computer systems
 speeds vary depending on types of file being transferred and computer configuration
Read Rate: 12Mb-18Mb/S    Write Rate: 4-6 Mb/S
Excellent USB Memory stick in excellent condition

About capacity:
Memory: 32GB to 2TB(real capacity 29.5GB)
Vendors are using Flash memory decimal arithmetic: 1 MB = 1000KB, 1G = 1000 MB Calculated, operating system with binary arithmetic: 1 MB = 1024KB, 1 GB = 1024 MB;So there are some differences between display capacity and nominal capacity of flash memory products.
About Speed:
Read Rate: 12Mb-18Mb/S    Write Rate: 4-6 Mb/S
Speed results for different conditions, using the software, copy the file type is different, speed measuring results are also different. Because of the different batch products,manufacturers under the condition of without notifying can adjust speed of products, please refer to our receiving!

Package included:
1 x USB flash drive

1.To avoid data loss or mechanical damage, do not power down your computer or unplug flash disk during transfer.
2. Please do not remove your USB flash drive when it is being used otherwise your data may loss.
3. After using USB flash drive, it is better to remove it as soon as possible. That will helps to extend its storage lifetime.
4.Please do not format your USB flash drive frequently, otherwise the USB will be damaged easily.




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Band Width12mm