Static Capacitance BLE660C/980C Modified Bluetooth- compatibleWireless Dual-mode Master Compatible with FC660C/980C

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type1 BLE660C dual-mode master (without battery)

type2 BLE660C dual-mode master (change to Type-C)  without battery

type3 BLE980C dual-mode master (without battery)

Logistics prohibits battery transportation, so the product does not contain batteries

This is not a keyboard,Just master,You need to bring it yourselfFC660C/980Ckeyboard
Battery precautions:


List of supported models



FC660CVarious color versions of static capacitance,Including silent version


FC980CVarious color versions of static capacitance,Including silent version

be careful:
This master does not supportFC660MandFC980M,They areMXVersion of mechanical shaft。
Main characteristics
●Welding is not required for the whole modification,Just screw out the cable and replace the main control,Very easy.。
●USB/Bluetooth4.0Bimodal,Switch between wired and Bluetooth when plugging in,Charging is also directly throughUSBInterface。
●USBSupport full key without punch(Can pass through left and rightShift+Nswitch),Bluetooth supports any6Key no punch。
●All key positions support customization,Firmware features are based ontmk,useydkb.ioGraphical tools,Easy to understand。
●Use standard3.7vLithium battery(Default without battery),Self provided,You can also purchase the batteries provided in this link。
●Support automatic energy saving,Wake up at top speed。originalLock Mode,It can prevent the keyboard from being pressed in the bag and power consumption,Easier to carry。
●Most systems support power display(MacThird party software or text output is required)。The keyboard also comes with a low battery reminder。
●The indicator function of the keyboard supports customization
Endurance and charging
Feedback from users' actual daily use,For programmers(Working overtime),Generally, it can be about a month。My reference range is conservative for three weeks+。
The original data line interface is used for charging,When the cable is plugged in, it will start charging,2500mAhBattery from0Start to be full of6More than hours,The charging indicator will turn off after full charge。
In addition, there is no need to worry about the battery life,Even if the charging cycle is once every half a month,It's only a year24second,It's much less than mobile phones, tablets and so on,The battery life can be used for quite a long time even if it is halved。
Installation instructions
The whole installation process is simple。

3There are two screws on the main control,Unscrew the screws,Remove the main control,Remove the keyboard cable。
4Replace with a new master。 660CWhen installing, it is recommended to plug in the cable of the battery and keyboard first。Then install it on the housing for fixing。 660CNo matter which type of battery is used,Install as close to the top of the housing as possible,That's more space。

5This is660CAppearance after installation。

6The attached battery double-sided adhesive can be used as follows(The keyboard in the figure below isHHKBwrong660C):

FC980CreplaceBLE980Cmaster control
1You can search online“FC980C Dismantle”,Note that there are three screws on the back,Two of them are under the support foot。
2Some buckles can be clearly seen from the back,Up and down4individual,It will be easier to disassemble with the following rod,Or find a plastic card。
3There are two screws on the main control,Unscrew the screws,Remove the main control,Remove the keyboard cable。
4Replace with a new master,As shown in the following figure, the lower part is980CAppearance after installation。

5980CIf used1500mAhBattery,You can put it down directly,It's not easy to fix it with double-sided tape,So put a bubble film on it,Then the keyboard closed and pressed,Just make sure it doesn't shake。

6980CYou can also choose3000mAhBattery,Remove a section of the reinforcing rib of the keyboard as shown in the figure below。

7980CThe switch will be a little higher than the bottom shell。If the user does not use foot support,It is suggested that the complimentary two at the bottom3mmOn the anti-skid foot pad。When you lay the table flat like this,The switch will not be pressed。

●The picture above,Right click to select [ Open picture in new tab ],View big picture。
●power switch,Bounce is open,Press yes to close。This switch is rarely used in daily life。
Quick instructions
1Confirm that the battery switch is on
To insertUSBUse Bluetooth when connecting,First, make sure the battery switch is on。The switch is located on the back after installation,The charging indicator is also behind this switch,Normally on is charging,Full of low brightness or off。

be careful
This switch,It's open,Press down is off。

2Paired keyboard
Keyboard Bluetooth pairing is different from mass-produced Bluetooth keyboards,There is no need to press a specific key to put the keyboard into pairing mode,As long as the power is normal and the keyboard is not connected,Other devices can search it and complete pairing。
3Modify key
Default key,AndFC660CorFC980CRoughly the same。To modify the key again,Here is a brief description。
Key change description:
●periodDIPswitch,Modify the keys by refreshing the firmware。
●All keys of this replacement master can be customized,common8layer,The key can be set to a richer level than thatDIPMore abundant,Set key,stayWin、Mac、Linux、iOSAnd other operating systems。
4Description of energy saving mode
The keyboard will automatically save energy during daily use,There is no need to turn off the battery switch when not in use。The energy saving mode is described below:
1Keyboard idle3Seconds without pressing any key,Enter the first level of energy saving。In this mode,Detection of key frequency reduction,But it wakes up quickly。
2keyboard90Second Bluetooth not connected,or2.5Hours unused,Enter secondary energy saving。Long press any key3reach5Seconds can wake up。
3useLock Mode,It will directly enter the secondary energy saving,And2The difference is,here,Only press and hold at the same timeFandJawaken,Other keys don't work。
Particular attention:
From secondary energy saving(containLock Mode)When you wake up,All long press the button。
Other instructions
New version of master,Is there simultaneous supportFC660CandFC980CYes。But it can't be mixed,Because the switch、The connector also has a few components and built-inBootloader,The two versions are different。
BLE660Cmaster control for FC660C

BLE980Cmaster control for FC980C

Built in main controlUSBInterface isMiniUSB,YesFC660CUseful,FC980COr the original cable,Use the original interface。
BLE660CYou can also use the adapter board to change the interface toType-C


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