2/10/20 PCS Cotton Detox Tampons Medicinal Clean Yoni Pearls Traditional Chinese Medicine Vaginal Treatment For Women

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Main ingredients:

refined from borax, safflower, Common Cnidium Fruit, radix sophorae, coex phelloides, borax, poria cocos, dried alum, Koa cornediae, etc.

Health care function:

This product is a health care product for women.

It is forbidden for people who are sensitive to silver ions. Prohibited for pregnant women



How to use Yoni Pearls

1. Untie one end of the cotton tead on the pills and straighten the cotton tead.

2. Take out the pill and soak it in warm water for 1-3 minutes.

3. Put on the finger cot, use your index finger to push the pill into the vagina 6-7cm deep, leaving the end of the cotton tead outside the vagina.

4. Take out each pill after it has been placed for more than 48 hours. After taking it out, use a vaginal cleaner to clean the inside of the vagina (use the second pill after at least 48 hours)

note:Yoni pearls are forbidden , which with allergies, pregnancy, menstruation, virgin, fibroids and cysts above 0.25.









The functions of Qinggong Pills are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, insecticidal and antipruritic, clearing away heat and dampness, reducing astringency, removing rot and promoting muscle. Various types of vaginitis, trichomoniasis, vaginal discharge, uterine tumors, ovarian tumors, endocrine disorders, etc.

Correct use of Qinggong Pills: 48 hours after putting Qinggong Pills in the vagina, gently pull the cotton tead to take it out, and replace it with a new pill after 2 days.

Qinggongwan can be used at other times except 4-6 days after menstruation.

Pay attention to external itng, patients with tumors and fibroids may bleed. Disable during menstruation, use with caution for pregnant women, and forbidden for virgin.

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